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    We are passionate about blinds & shades. They help keep us cool in the summer by keeping the sun out, warm in the winter by keeping the drafts out, and allow us to walk around the house in our pajamas without putting on a show for the neighbors. They are awesome and we needed to show them some love...

We stared at ours every day, looking right past the dust, dirt, pollen, bugs... When we realized that we were neglecting our beloved blinds we searched for a local cleaning solution and could not find one. We resorted to trying to clean them in the tub and that did not work out very well, and we ruined a few of them; oh the despair!

We dreamed of a company that would arrive at our home, take down our cherished blinds or shades, professionally clean them in a mobile workshop and then put them back up. When we could not find such a company we felt compelled to start one. We were determined to let no blind or shade go un-loved!

Our state of the art mobile blind cleaning trailer is outfitted with everything that is needed to professionally clean your blinds & shades: water tank, water heaters, generator, heat, air conditioning, ultrasonic blind cleaner, dryer, work space etc. Our trailer is a “spa” for blinds & shades and they may never want to leave... but they will return fresh and clean knowing that you have their best interest at heart. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Show your blinds & shades some love!

Blind Cleaning Video

Our mobile blind cleaning trailer in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should cellular shades be cleaned?

Cellular shades, especially white, should be cleaned yearly, otherwise they may not come out as clean as you would like them to.  The shades filter the air coming in & out of the windows and collect dirt from fireplaces, wood & pellet stoves, candles etc...  If this dirt is not cleaned off regularly it may permanently stain the fabric.  

What is involved with the cleaning process?

When we arrive at your home or business we first evaluate the material that is to be cleaned.  We then remove the products from the windows and bring them into the trailer for cleaning.  When the cleaning & drying process is complete we replace them in their original locations.  We can also address minor repair needs in the process, such as restringing etc...

Can you clean "faux woods"?

Absolutely! We have cleaned hundreds of faux woods that were covered with oily soot from candles, plug in fragrance atomizers, wood and pellet stove dust etc...  The Ultrasonics clean the strings as well as the blinds to near new condition.  We also can replace any broken strings, pulls or tilts while we are at it.  This sure beats doing them yourself in the tub!

What can't you clean?

We do not clean certain light blocking shades that have foil in them. The cleaning process can destroy them.  It is also not cost effective to clean the department store 1" plastic mini blinds.

How do you price a job?

We charge by the foot, width only.  Different blind & shade types have different costs per foot (contact us for rates). There is a small "trip charge" for coming to your home or business that is based on the distance from Manchester.

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